What We Do

Cook & Company was formed 22 years ago to assist the top managements of a select group of high performing companies to obtain competitive advantage in what McKinsey & Company aptly describes as “the war for talent.” Our goal from the outset has been to partner with a world-class group of B2B and B2C businesses in building shareholder value from a human capital perspective. The firm’s mission is to win this war for our clients by:

  • Providing the highest quality of executive search consulting and advisory services in the human capital field
  • Being exceptionally creative in identifying and recruiting “best athletes” as well as highly accurate in evaluating their goodness-of-fit with client organizations
  • Broadly pursuing the best talent without the “off-limits” and “candidate reservations” constraints of larger firms
  • Treating candidates with the utmost respect, courtesy and confidentiality
  • Remaining agile, flexible and squarely focused on solving our clients’ problems
  • Acting in our clients’ best interests including, by firm policy, never “parallel-processing” a candidate with two or more clients simultaneously
  • Turning down assignments where we do not believe we would add value
  • Always telling the truth as we see it

Since Cook & Company was founded in January of 2000, we have successfully completed 100% of the searches we have been engaged to conduct and, in response to our Search Quality Survey, clients have consistently rated the quality of our work at the highest possible level. To date, 95% of our clients have asked us to undertake additional assignments for them, resulting in an unusually high proportion of repeat business for the firm.