A Bespoke Program for Women:
Designed for You 

Pat Cook works confidentially with each Suddenly Single client from day one, serving as a guide through the process of envisioning, creating, and implementing short and long-term strategies and plans for the future, carefully taking into consideration each client’s priorities and concerns.

In Preparation for Working Together
Dr. Cook conducts an initial assessment for each prospective client. She then prepares a Personalized Program Outline that includes the client’s:

  • Current stage in the transition process
  • Areas of future growth
  • Design for moving forward
  • Resources required (timing and fees)

Engaging in the Program
When a client accepts her Personalized Program Outline, Dr. Cook will:

  • Conduct an in-depth client interview
  • Complete a series of measurements focused on top strengths, current level of well being and the future dream
  • Design and present a highly customized Strategic Plan to assist each client in reinventing, creating, and flourishing in a joyful life going forward

Based on the Strategic Plan, Dr. Cook and the client will prioritize areas of greatest importance and urgency and together will proceed with implementation.